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Studio Deluxe starting at $2,200+
One Bedrooms starting at $2,500 +
One Bedrooms with Den starting at $3,100+
Two Bedrooms starting at $3,700 +

Studio A

lydianStudio AStudio/One Bath589 SQFT

Studio A2

lydianStudio A2Studio/One Bath544 SQFT

Studio B1

lydianStudio B1Studio/One Bath657 SQFT

One Bedroom G

lydianOne Bedroom GOne Bedroom / One Bath759 SQFT

One Bedroom H

lydianOne Bedroom HOne Bedroom / One Bath756 SQFT

One Bedroom G1

lydianOne Bedroom G1One Bedroom / One Bath756 SQFT

One Bedroom E

lydianOne Bedroom EOne Bedroom / One Bath746 SQFT

One Bedroom F

lydianOne Bedroom FOne Bedroom / One Bath761 SQFT

One Bedroom E2

lydianOne Bedroom E2One Bedroom / One Bath765 SQFT

One Bedroom F2

lydianOne Bedroom F2One Bedroom / One Bath768 SQFT

One Bedroom J

lydianOne Bedroom JOne Bedroom / One Bath802 SQFT

One Bedroom D

lydianOne Bedroom DOne Bedroom / One Bath756 SQFT

One Bedroom C

lydianOne Bedroom COne Bedroom / One Bath574 SQFT

One Bedroom L1

lydianOne Bedroom L1One Bedroom / One Bath744 SQFT

One Bedroom K

lydianOne Bedroom KOne Bedroom / One Bath718 SQFT

One Bedroom I

lydianOne Bedroom IOne Bedroom / One Bath784 SQFT

One Bedroom Den O

lydianOne Bedroom Den OOne Bedroom + Den / One Bath845 SQFT

One Bedroom Den N

lydianOne Bedroom Den NOne Bedroom + Den / One Bath935 SQFT

One Bedroom Den M

lydianOne Bedroom Den MOne Bedroom + Den / One Bath991 SQFT

Two Bedroom P

lydianTwo Bedroom PTwo Bedroom / Two Bath1,146 SQFT

Two Bedroom R

lydianTwo Bedroom RTwo Bedroom / Two Bath1,215 SQFT

Two Bedroom Q

lydianTwo Bedroom QTwo Bedroom / Two Bath1,072 SQFT

Two Bedroom S1

lydianTwo Bedroom S1Two Bedroom / Two Bath1,100 SQFT

One Bedroom T

lydianOne Bedroom TOne Bedroom / One Bath1,173 SQFT